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Current Staff

Camp Adviser

Craig Altmann

Craig is a School Social Worker within the Newburgh City School District. Craig has been connected to Braeside for all of his 20 years in the district sending and visiting students along the way. He signed on to run the camp in 2007 and has incorporated his vast knowledge of the Orange County children’s systems into making Braeside Camp a truly collaborative endeavor. Craig, Udara and Kelly have worked together to construct a meaningful and effective camp environment and to “level the playing field” for Orange County Youth and their families.

Camp  Director

Udara Soysa

Udara comes every summer from Sri Lanka, off the coast of India, to put his talents to good use. He has been with Braeside for many years, and takes great joy in seeing campers grow into wonderful young ladies and gentlemen! He is also at Attorney-at-Law and a lecturer with University of London External Programs.

Assistant Director

Kelly   Streifler

Kelly is in charge of day-to-day programming of Braeside. Amazingly talented, she incorporates positive reinforcement into all that she does. Various session themes created by Kelly include County Fair Weekend, Superhero week, Olympic weekend, and many more!

Administrative Program Manager

Gabriella Chamberland

Gabriella (AKA Gabby) is often found in the office, filing things away and making sure the logistics and finances of the camp run smoothly!

Training Specialist

Rickey Climes

Rickey makes sure all of our counselors are excited and ready to go when the children start showing up!

Senior Lead Counselor

Gavin Britto

Lead Counselor

Anthony Parker

Lead Counselor

Tia Walker

Maintenance  Director

 Vincent De Rosa

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